Applying Twisted Boundary Conditions for Few-Body Nuclear Systems

By Christopher Körber

Invited Talk at INT, Seattle

Keywords: Lattice Theory, Few-Body Systems, Finite-Volume Effects, Nuclear Physics


In this talk, I describe twisted boundary conditions for the deuteron and triton systems within finite volumes using the nuclear lattice EFT formalism. The finite-volume dependence of these systems with different twist angles is presented. Various finite-volume information can be used to improve calculations of binding energies in such a framework. The results suggest that with the appropriate twisting of boundaries, infinite-volume binding energies can be reliably extracted from calculations using modest volume sizes with cubic length $L \approx 8–14$ fm. Of particular importance is the derivation and numerical verification of three-body analogs of “i-periodic” twist angles that eliminate the leading-order finite-volume effects to the three-body binding energy.