Lattice Nuclear Physics Investigations of Fundamental Symmetries

By Christopher Körber

Seminar at ECT$^*$, Trento

Keywords: Electric Dipole Moments, Nuclear Physics, Chiral Perturbation Theory, Physics Beyond the Standard Model


One of the greatest unsolved problems in physics is the asymmetry of observed matter – the amount of baryonic matter greatly exceeds the amount of antibaryonic matter. Based on the assumption that at some point in time the universe contained the same amount of particles and antiparticles, a possible explanation for this observation requires the existence of physical processes which violate charge-parity (CP). Though it is known that CP-violating processes exist in nature, the effects by the CP-violating contributions of the standard model (SM) of particle physics are not sufficient to explain the current asymmetry of matter. Therefore there must be additional sources of CP violation that come from beyond the standard model (BSM). A quantity for probing the magnitude of such CP violating processes is the electric dipole moment (EDM) of nuclei. In this talk, a strategy for creating a link between a possible future measurement and the fundamental interpretation is presented.