Non-Stochastic Approaches for NLEFT

By Christopher Körber

Seminar at IKP, Jülich

Keywords: Lattice Physics, Nuclear Physics, Quantum Physics Algorithms


Recently nuclear lattice effective field theory (NLEFT) has proven to be a valuable candidate for pushing the borders of nuclear physics in the regime of nuclei as Carbon-12 and has enabled the computation of nuclear matrix elements for larger systems. The applicability of NLEFT to such systems is enabled through the utilization of lattice stochastic approaches as Hybrid Monte Carlo (HMC) algorithms. As it is common for effective field theories, low energy coefficients (LECs) which describe the strength of effective interactions, need to be determined before one is able to describe and predict physical systems. In this process, it is essential to understand the effect of lattice artifacts as a discrete lattice spacing and the finite volume – independent of stochastic artifacts. Therefore non-stochastic approaches for smaller systems are employed to estimate LECs. In this seminar, such a non-stochastic approach for extracting nuclear energy levels on the lattice will be presented.